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1st-5th Grade Meaningful Moment


This month our Journey Kids focus is FAITH: trusting in what you can't see because of what you can see. Use the simple guide below to have a meaningful faith moment with your child. 

While you're outside with your child this week, pause to have a teachable moment:

  1. Take time to notice the wind.
  2. Ask you're child if they've ever doubted if the wind exists. Can they see, touch or taste wind? No, we can only hear it and feel it. Yet, we don't doubt it exists.
  3. In similar ways, faith is like the wind; we can't see, touch or taste faith. We can only hear it and sometimes feel it.
  4. Share how you can believe in God even though you've never seen Him.

For even more details, check out the "Memory Verse: Week of June 21st" Activity in the folder that was delivered to your home earlier this month.

We're praying for you to enjoy the teachable moments you have to share faith with your child this summer. You're doing a great job!