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21 DAY FAST: Day 22

YOU DID IT!  The 21 Day Fast is over & we hope this has been helpful for you as you looked to defeat habits, hang-ups and addictions & as you looked to draw closer to God in your relationship with Him.  Now that you've went this far, keep going!  Keep taking steps with Jesus, keep seeking Him to defeat your habits, keep reading His Words & even memorizing them to renew your mind.

Let's move beyond 21 days and into new patterns for all of 2017.  

Along the way, lets keep praying for Spiritual Breakthroughs in our own lives, in the lives of others who have taken this challenge, and even be praying for spiritual breakthroughs for The Journey.  We are praying for you & praying that you'll experience real freedom and victory & ultimately, your best life.

So, don't stop now.  Here's some resources to keep things rolling.

If you don't have the Bible App yet, you can download it here!

At Bible.com they have hundreds of Bible reading plans.  Pick out one that speaks to you, or deals with an issue that you've been facing.  Check them out here!

For more helpful hints and resources for growing your relationship with God, check out The Journey's website and our section Next Steps with God.  You'll find helpful hints on prayer, Bible reading, books that can encourage your spiritual journey, plus past message series' that speak to our growing relationship with God!

Here's a quick video that gives a couple helpful hints for reading the Bible.  

Here's one more! Check out this incredible resource called the Bible Project.  There are all sorts of 5-10 min. videos that explain the Bible, Bible themes, and specific books.  It is SO helpful.

Let's make Jesus the Center, put our focus on Him, and let Him rehab our lives & bring the freedom & victory we long for.  Keep replacing those bad habits with these good habits & lets just see what He brings our way in 2017!