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21 Days of Prayer - Day 10: Non-Profits

21 Days Of Prayers

Today is Day 10 of our 21 Days of Prayer.  Today we're praying for our Non-Profit organizations in our community and for their employees.  Most are having to do more with less at a time of critical need while being concerned for their and their family's health and safety.  As you wash your hands today be praying for these groups.

Heavenly Father, we lift up our non-profits, their leaders, their employees today.  Week in and week out they are doing great work for the marginalized and vulnerable in our community.  That work has gotten exponentially more complicated and challenging.  God would you meet their financial needs, would you meet their volunteer needs, would you give them wisdom and innovation to continue to reach people in new ways.  God, we pray for your favor and blessing upon them in these days.  We pray for increased impact and we pray for protection for each worker, each volunteer and each family member from contracting the Coronavirus.  God, we commit them to you, in the name of Jesus, Amen.