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21 Days of Prayer - Day 20 - the vulnerable

21 Days Of Prayers

Saturday.  Between Good Friday and Easter.  A day of waiting.  For those 2000 years ago it was a day that felt hopeless.  But it wasn't.  Sunday was coming.  Jesus was about to show His power over death - that gives us ultimate hope.  Praise God!

We are in 21 Days of Prayer as a church leading up to Easter. Throughout this time we are praying for one specific group of people each day as it relates to the COVID19 crisis we are in. Today we are praying again for the vulnerable, the immune-compromised, the elderly. Anyone that is more susceptible to this virus or who this virus could cause more serious complications.

Heavenly Father, today, on this day of waiting let us not lose hope.  You have the victory.  You have not forgotten us.  Today we pray for all those who are more vulnerable to this COVID19 virus.  We ask for your protection, safety, and health.  We pray for peace.  We pray that when fear or anxiety rush in that your peace will rush in stronger.  God, you know each person by name.  Each one is made in your image.  None of us are mistakes.  We are so thankful for that, and because that's true it means you care about each one of our situations.  Today, Lord we commit the vulnerable, the immune-compromised, the elderly, those on the front lines who are face to face with this virus every day - we commit them to you and ask for you, oh God, to protect them - to be a stronghold around them bringing them safety and security.  We commit this and them to you, in the name of Jesus, Amen.