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How do you think a child would feel if on the first day of school everyone else shows up on the first day of school with their school supplies, and they don't have any because of the home situation they live in? What challenges does that also bring to our teachers who sometimes spend their own money to buy supplies for those kids? How does not having supplies affect a child's education?

We have an opportunity in the next few weeks to do something about this. Through our regional Network Teams, we are collecting school supplies so these things don't have to happen. There are so many kids in our community that we are going to help. At each Journey site on Sundays, August 21 - September 4, each Network will have bins available to collect school supplies. Please bring in notebooks, crayons, glue, pencils, backpacks, and more! We will then deliver supplies to Community Encompass in Muskegon that helps children in specific neighborhoods. We will also delivers supplies to schools within our Network areas. When you drop supplies off, you can also pick up info on what is coming up in our Network Teams for the next month. Being involved with a Network Team is a great way for us to take next steps and impact our community!