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Partnership is an opportunity to be part of something bigger and to increase God's impact in your life. After this period of time of social distancing and shutdowns, we want to take our mission to the next level. This season is ripe for God to do great things in and through our life and our church. Our community is full of opportunities to spread kindness and there are people in need all around us who need hope. This fall our focus at church is going to be a consistent concept of being part of something bigger than yourself and our next level of Partnership is the beginning.

We have never had a "membership" plan at The Journey.  Those tend to be about voting rights or exclusiveness. We have Partnership, which is all about coming together to own and live out the mission. In our past, Partnership was a once-a-year commitment that was often a self-reflection moment for Journeyers to consider their role in the mission.

This year we're taking Partnership to a new level. It is still about coming together in the mission but it will have an all-church focus that has the potential to align our efforts for maximum impact. This new concept will include some Team Nights, Team Boxes with free tools and resources to help you along the Growth Pathway, and each year we will have a goal to focus on together. As we pray and align our efforts, I believe this will increase the impact in our lives and through our church.

Right now we're asking you to register. Our first Team Night is on September 19 and we'll have our Team Box and we'll roll out our first quarterly focus. You can register here and then you will get all the communication for our Team Night and the mission ahead.