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Ben and Esther have been part of The Journey since almost the beginning. Esther was part of our Kenya team a 4 years ago. This began a new journey in their lives. They have followed God's leading all the way to Kenya. (You can see their story here). They moved their whole family earlier this year. They are teaching at RVA school and working in the local community. They also have some connection with the House of Hope that we support. Recently I asked them for a little update:

So far we are having a great time serving as in several capacities. Ben is teaching Spanish 1 & 2; I am subbing for any "Titchie" (elementary) teachers as needed; we are doing dorm cover for Tembo dorm which is 3rd-6th grade boys; we have a group of 9th graders who are assigned to us for the year as our "caring community" and we have the opportunity to just meet with them throughout the year and have them in our home; we are hosting several variety nights in our home throughout each term which allows the students to sign up to do something they enjoy and get out of the dorm for a night; we are one of two staff couples who are leading worship for Sunday services; Ben is the varsity volleyball coach; we are chaperoning some Titchie Friday night activities; and are building relationships with some of the Kenyans living in Kijabe.

We were supposed to be boosting the House of Hope boys at RVA for a soccer game on Saturday and we signed up as the staff in charge for that reason but Joel and the boys didn't make it out.

Some prayer requests: We are still trying to figure out the hospitals here and decide on whether we will deliver at the rural hospital here in Kijabe or find someone to make the 1 1/2 hour drive to Nairobi on bumpy roads and through busy traffic for us when the time comes, since we don't have a vehicle. Also, Josiah is having s lot of meltdowns, maybe due to the move or maybe just adjusting to full days of school but it is stressful for everyone. So, things are busy but we are adjusting well and enjoying the work we have been called to do.


So be praying for them. You can follow them on facebook here.