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In Journey Kids, they talk about things like wisdom, faith & friendship. Our volunteers are awesome and they teach in such a way that it means something to the kids lives right now, but also builds a foundation for their future. We want our kids to experience their best life ahead and Journey Kids is working on building that foundation.

Here's the deal: your child has 50 chances in a year to experience this positive influence. If you factor in sick days, vacations and such, it's going to be even less. Parents truly are the biggest influence of kids. We know how important you are so we try to provide resources to help you. We are just trying to partner with you and support you as a parent. There are all kinds of resources online, including the weekly take home sheets.

A new resource is the Journey Parents Facebook Page. There are tools, tips, reminders and resource that are posted each week to help you influence your kids. If you just like the page, then you always have access to these resources. You can do things like this: when you are in the restaurant waiting for your food, instead of passing your phone to the kids to play games, you can pull up the page and have a review, discussion or play the game that helps instills wisdom, faith & character in your kids.

Sports are great. School is important. But let's create moments to help our kids grow in wisdom and understanding so they can keep taking steps to build a foundation for their best life ahead.