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Bigger Online

All this fall we're focusing on giving you opportunities to be part of something bigger than yourself. Our community has been in a mode of social distancing and shut downs. This isolation has created a unique situation for us to spread kindness and share hope. If we join together in this mission, God can do bigger things in our lives and in our church. So come and join in for the first time or re-engage. Here's some upcoming opportunties:

PARTNERSHIP: Own and Live Out the Mission Together. More details here.

VOLUNTEER TRY IT: Join a team to help people experience God. Try it in October. Details here.

NETWORK TEAMS: Service Projects, Connection Nights and Groups in your area. Details and opportunities here.

SERVE WEEK: A whole week of impact in our community coming in October.

A NEW GLOBAL PARTNER will be introduced with our Hope Christmas Project in Nov. as we look to share hope and impact dark places in our world.

SUNDAY SERIES: Check out our September Series here about taking bigger steps together and our October Series here about small steps to be a blessing to others.