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Often times when people think about their relationship with God, they think about what they need to "do" so they can "be" the person God wants them to be. But too often it's about the next program, it's about following a set of spiritual disciplines that becomes more legalistic gymnastics than anything.

A vibrant relationship with God isn't so much about what you do, but about who you are. In other words, it's about your identity.

That identity isn't what religion says you should be, who others have said you were, or what you have come to believe about yourself (P.S. We've been talking about that in our series FreeWay). Our identity is found in the One who made us and created us. And, you'll only experience your best life, you'll only experience the life that He has for you, when you live in that identity.

God is all about the relationship, which means He cares much more about who you are becoming than what you are doing. It's about your relationship, your trajectory, your movement.

At The Journey we've tried to help us all think through this by identifying 6 Core Essentials. When we are living out these 6 Core Essentials, we believe we will be becoming the people God designed us to be, we will be living out our best life, and we will be increasingly in the relationships that we were designed for.


For more information, steps, resources, questions and more on each of the Core Essentials, check out the Core Essentials page.

So, who are you becoming? We aren't asking those who call The Journey their church to do a bunch of religious stuff or sign up for a bunch of programs. Our goal isn't to make religious people. We want to do everything we can to help as many people as we can experience their best life by becoming the people God designed them to be.

Even the best golfers in the world, the best basketball players in the world, the best actors in the world, have coaches. That's kind of how I see myself - as a coach, helping others live up to their full potential in relationship with God.

So, quit trying to just DO more, and start focusing your attention on who you are becoming. And, if you're a church leader . . . be honest: is your church schedule more focused on doing or becoming? If it's "doing", it's time to "do" something about it!