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Family Guide: Summer 2021



Welcome to Summer 2021! 


Starting now there are about 10 weeks left for the Summer of 2021. Wow! 10 more weekends until your child enters into a new phase. It’s easy to romanticize the lazy days and slower schedules of Summer, but in reality we have the same amount of time every day, week, month, and year. What makes the difference is when we pre-determine how we will use that time. 


So, what can you decide to do this Summer to make the most of the next 10 weeks? 




  • CELEBRATE  past achievements. What has your child accomplished recently? How have they matured and shown more independence? How has your family seen and experienced God in the past year? Acknowledge & celebrate together! 
  • LEAN IN  to the time you have together right now. Schedule downtime into your weekly routine so you can be present with each other & share meaningful moments. Make time to slow down: eat breakfast together; pray before your family meal; enjoy a sunrise/sunset; express gratitude to God at bedtime. 
  • PREPARE  for the next phase. Think ahead about what’s coming next for your family. What changes are coming & how can you be ready for them? Focus your energy on helpful skills: improve reading skills; learn to ride a bike, tie shoelaces, or play a sport; learn to find passages in the Bible & memorize God’s words; invest time in healthy friendships.


Use this guide as a prompt to determine what to celebrate, lean into, and prepare for. 

Save/print this summer's memory verses to use at home, too! 


Let’s make the most of Summer 2021!