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February Family Kit


Have you had those moments when you’ve noticed a change in your child and then thought, “Huh...when did that happen? They weren’t like that before.”?


Kids change often and most of the time the changes are subtle. It’s easy to miss it and we as parents come out the other side confused and asking questions. 

February Family Kit

This month we are encouraging families to be proactive about knowing your child well because the more intimately we know someone, the deeper our love grows.

Psalm 139 in the Bible gives us a picture of how well known we are by God; more intimately than any other relationship we can experience. Our understanding of God’s love for us is intensified when we recognize it as unconditional. God knows everything about us, the good, bad, and the ugly and his love for us does not change. 

The following resources will guide you to model that kind of love in your family:

You won’t love perfectly in the way that God loves us, but you will build a strong foundation of love in the relationship with your child & set them up to understand the love of a Heavenly Father in a tangible way. 

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