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One of our core elements to our church is sharing the hope we have in Jesus. One of the ways we do this is with our global partners: Verve Church in Las Vegas, Converge Mid-American Church Planting, Converge Caribbean and Compassion Peru. 

Years ago we helped start a church and compassion project in Santa Rosa. They bring wholistic care to kids stuck in generational poverty. People at our church sponsor all the available kids at this project (over $100,000 every year). With the Covid shut downs, things are still not functional as they were before because Peru really struggled to navigate this pandemic and Santa Rosa was hit hard. But care for these kids continues and some new opportunities has come from this situation. See the video for more details.

We want to encourage you to watch the update but also to take some time this month to write your compassion child if you support one of these precious kids in Peru.

Also we are looking at another child sponsorship opportunity and a trip to Peru again coming up.