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To begin our Summer Blockbuster series, I shared some thoughts from the movie Inside Out. In the movie, the emotions were at the control panel of life. Do you feel that your emotions are pressing the buttons in your life? How do we control our emotions so they don't control us? (if you missed any of these weeks, review them here)

If we're going to flip the script for our best life, we need to guard our hearts instead of letting our emotions run wild. How do we guard our hearts? In Psalms 119:10-11 we saw the need for a heart that is seeking God and by hiding His words in our hearts. This is really a focus from the inside out. This is why we talk about making Jesus the center of every aspect of our lives. It's Jesus at the center of our hearts because everything we do flows from our hearts. This is why one of our goals this year is about growing in consistency. The more we have this heart focus, the more we guard our hearts. 

That is easier said than done. It's hard to keep that focus in our every day life. Life is busy. Life doesn't always go as planned. Our emotions are real and can make our thoughts run wild. In the middle of all that, if we want to guard our hearts, we have to seek God above all else. We want to help you keep that focus. Every week we give some follow up thoughts, prayers, questions and readings to keep that focus on God. It's best done with a small group of Running Partners because we all need some motivation to keep moving in the right direction, but you can check it out for yourself every week on your site page.

If we're going to guard our hearts, it comes down to keeping our hearts focused. So check out the questions for more reflection on how to guard our hearts or in the Bible app.