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This Halloween, we are doing a special event at our North M120 site. We want to provide a safe, fun family event for the community (and a warm event for this year's weather). This is a great chance not only to offer something for the community but also to connect with people in the community. Maybe someone you know won't come to church, but they will come to a Halloween Party. It's a great chance to start the connection. Invite someone to join you at the event.

We're going to have a fun night for families. People can stop by quick to just trick or treat or hang out for a while and enjoy the night, snacks & fun!

There will be:
- Halloween Kids Carnival Games for prizes.
- Candy for Trick or Treaters
- Cider, Donuts, Hot Chocolate & Coffee
- A "Not Very Scary" kids Haunted Hall.
- Kids Halloween Activities & Crafts.

1) Bring Candy. There are bins at both sites for candy donations. Bring some this Sunday.
2) Volunteer to help at the event. Even if you don't go to the North site, you can still volunteer. It will give you something fun to do on Halloween Night. 

To Volunteer, email Matt and let him know what shift you can work....5:30 - 7:00 pm or 7:00 - 8:30 pm. Thanks!