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For our 2015 Christmas project we looked to bring hope locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. We are working with Converge to support a new church near Kalamazoo (the pastor recently visited our church). We helped the House of Hope Orphanage in Kenya replace their floor at the home. We also helped Sunil in India, who is starting new churches in small villages in remote mountain areas.

Crazy circumstances connected us to Sunil who is a pastor in northern India. In an area that is antagonistic to Jesus, Sunil is bringing hope and life to many who are disconnected from God. The area is hilly and dangerous, and over-run by things like sex-trafficking of young girls. Sunil has started 7 small churches in the mountains and is training other young adults to be pastors of these churches. We recently heard from Josh Howard from Central India Mission and he told about the day he was able to tell Sunil that a church in America was going to pay his salary and expenses for a full year so he could continue to reach people! He was overwhelmed! We only had to give him $2,500 to make that happen!! But it meant everything to him! Recently, Sunil sent us a message of gratitude. Even though there is a bit of language difference, it's great to hear from him:



First of all, from the bottom of my heart and the behalf of my family, greeting to you, your family and the people, those who are involved in your ministry,
Thanks for make my relationship with Josh, he is very good leader & friend of mine, he is always encourage me and always take care of me, last few days we live together during the IGNITE conference, we spend some time together, and it's very grateful to me.

Only last week, our state again went through a series of natural disasters such as floods, landslides and heavy rain disrupting public life. Please pray that all are safe and secure. Only because of your sincere prayers and the blessings of the Lord our work is going well now. This year, I and my disciples have baptized 11 people and 27 people have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Bro. Josh is helping us as much as he can, but that is not sufficient for my ministry and I won't deny the fact that his timely assistance has indeed helped in our work. Bro. Josh has even told us that He would support the team as well. I need a team to work along with me, because working alone is quite difficult. Many have come forward to join me in my ministry, but just because am unable to financially assist them, the work is a little slow.  I request you to pray that the Lord will open a way for me and my team, so that we can continue with our ministry and win hundreds of souls for our Lord.
My English is not good You can understand or not, I don't know, but I hope you understand
With much love....Sunil