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Journey Kids Easter Kit


Easter 2021

As your family makes plans to celebrate Easter, check out the resources below to share God’s story at home. These are designed to help you be intentional about sharing the forgiveness & hope we have through the incredible resurrection of Jesus. 

You are the perfect parent for your child, so use your amazing parental intuition to gauge how much of the Easter story your child is ready to process. When in doubt, keep it simple:

Jesus is God’s son and an amazing teacher we love and follow. He died but the amazing thing is he didn’t stay dead. He rose to life again! Jesus is amazing! Because that happened, God’s Spirit is always with us and we can be connected to God. That is what we celebrate at Easter.   

If your child is ready for more, be willing to explore with them. Answer their questions honestly and let us know what support you need. 

Share God's Story

The week before Easter is traditionally called “Holy Week”. This year it begins on March 28th, Palm Sunday. Print this HOLY WEEK POSTER (or go wild and create your own version on poster board!) as a guide for sharing a piece of the Easter story with your child each day. Read the Bible passage (or summarize for little ones!) then add a little artwork to the day’s square. Keep it simple with something like this: 

      Holy Week Poster 1

Have Fun

easter basket 3

Easter baskets filled with toys and goodies are one of the most fun parts of celebrating Easter. Use these SCAVENGER HUNT CARDS to add in an extra fun way of sharing God’s story while finding the Easter basket!


2104_SMP_Easter (1) 

As you share the Easter story in the coming weeks, remember simple phrases like “I’m so thankful God gave us Jesus and God gave us you” make a big impact. You don't need to spend hours preparing just the right words or saying the perfect prayer; keep it simple by making a plan for how you can share God’s story with your family this Easter, then pray and ask God for the help you need. 

We're cheering you on and praying with you too! 

Happy Easter!