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Meet our Staff: Paul

This post is copied from Paul's blog. Find more of his thoughts at http://paulurban.blogs.com/paul_urban.

I've been introducing you to our staff and more importantly giving you insight into what they do. Today, is the last of those blog posts and it's about . . . me.

Matt Lewis and I (and our families and a small group of other Jesus-followers) started The Journey almost 10 years ago.

When we first started out I did most of the speaking (that actually has been the case for the last 8 1/2 years). In the early days I brought oversight to Journey Kids and to our Journey Groups. By personality I am a big picture vision person. I tend to fly at 30,000 feet dreaming about the possible and championing the cause. The problem is that I find it hard to figure out how to get from where we are to where I believe we need to go. I am a perception and intuitive leader. I sense what might need to be done, but aren't always sure how to get there. So grateful for good strategic thinkers and planners on our team!!

I work together with Matt and Aaron thinking through our various series' at The Journey and how to communicate effectively for life change. I work with Matt and Mark fleshing out the strategic plans and where those are heading. I work with our Financial team and help lead our Lead Team. Currently I handle a lot of our Human Resources and Financial systems and issues. I spend a decent amount of time meeting with people, helping them take steps, bringing spiritual counsel, etc. I also help coach the Norton Shores Network that my family is part of. I also keep connections with our strategic partners like Verve Church, and Converge.

I try to mix my time between helping leaders grow and develop and connecting with people who are new or questioning. I spend a lot of my time thinking about vision and the spiritual direction of The Journey. I love what I do and I love seeing people experience their best life.

I am honored to be one of the pastors at The Journey - to work with a great team and to be part of a great church.