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This past Sunday we talked about the feeling of "isn't there something more to life?" Whether we feel like Debbie Downer or the average American with 2.5 kids & a mini-van, if we aren't living with purpose, we want more in life. We can began to understand life when we change our perspective. How you see your life shapes your life.

The Bible shows us God's view of life:
Life is a test with many challenges.
Life is a trust. Will be trust God & His ways to find our best life?
Life is temporary. Eternity is our home.

When we began to see life through God's eternal perspective we can find focus in the middle of chaos. We can find hope instead of fear & worry. We see people & situation for a bigger view that brings direction & clarity. What if we started to ask ourselves, "Does this matter in view of eternity?" Fixing our eyes on the unseen, eternal, God perspective bring purpose because we don't let the here & now or situation control or define us. We have eternity to live for and that is so much more.