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Networks Over 2000!

We did it!  This past year, starting in August 2013, we set out a goal to make an impact in our community.  We wanted to serve people in need and make a difference.  Our Networks are a great way we can together take next steps and have God do more in and through us.  It is about looking beyond ourselves rather than living our life just for us.  It is about doing life together where we can accomplish more together and take steps together.  Part of our goal was to give 2,000 hours of our time as a church to serve people and brings God's hope to people through our Networks.  And last week we hit our goal!  Thank you so much for those of you who stepped in to serve and make a difference.  Thanks for giving your time and hard work.  We served just over 2,050 hours!

We are already excited about the next year and another goal in our Networks. You'll hear more about that next month.