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6 Conversation to Have with Your Kids at the Start of the School Year


This past Sunday we looked at building a fountation of faith in the next generation. We looked at our vision, our partnership with parents, some helpful resources and what's coming up this fall.

This week we want to be praying for schools, teachers, students, families and kids as schools are kicking over these past and next weeks.

You can find the resources online here.

Selena also mentioned the Parent Cue App and Blog. Check out the post below.

6 Conversations to Have with Your Kids at the Start of a New School Year

Last year, everything changed. 

The pandemic’s arrival altered life as we knew it, forcing us to pare down to the essentials while businesses, churches, and schools shuttered their doors indefinitely. The uncertainty left us fearful, and the constant vigilance of keeping everyone safe and healthy while maintaining work, our homes, our kids’ academic success, and our mental health left us beyond exhausted. 

It was a lot. 

But as we enter a new school year, we are hopeful. While things aren’t exactly as they were before the pandemic descended, a lot of us are feeling closer to normal than we’ve experienced in a long while. And with the return to our usual rhythms, we might find our kids are opening up to us more now that they have the emotional capacity to do so. 

Whether your kids are the chatty kind or the silent type, you can anticipate your kids will feel all kinds of things this upcoming school year. Here are some conversation topics you can anticipate having with your kids:....read more here.