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Partnership is about owning and living out the mission together. It's an opportunity to be part of something bigger and to increase God's impact in your life. We have never had a "membership" plan at The Journey.  Those tend to be about voting rights or exclusiveness. This is all about coming together for a bigger impact. Partnership has been a once-a-year commitment and has become an opportunities to challenge yourself to go further in your relationship with God.

We continue to take Partnership to a new level. It is still about coming together in the mission but it will have an all-church focus that has the potential to align our efforts for maximum impact. This new concept will include two Team Nights, Team Boxes with free tools and resources to help you along the Growth Pathway, and each year we will have a goal to focus on together. As we pray and align our efforts, I believe this will increase the impact in our lives and through our church.

Right now we're asking you to register for the new season. Our Team Night this year are on August 31 and January 29 and we'll have our Team Box with resources & goals. You can register here and then you will get all the communication for our Team Night and the mission ahead.