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PARTNERSHIP is all about owning and living out the mission. We're coming together so God can do bigger things in and through our lives & our church.This past fall we rolled out our focus for this year with some quarterly challenges:

We're taking steps to intentionally look beyond ourselves and help someone else take a step

partnership fall

When you look at quarterly challenges above, how did you take those steps? I guess some of you did these challenges and some of you might have forgotten all about them. This is the whole idea of partnership, to be challenged to take these steps. We have a lot of things that bid for our time and attention, so these are called quarterly challenges because we know it's a challenge to do this. Let's not quit. Together let's push ahead and keep pursuing God. So let's look at some new winter challenges for this new quarter.

Partnership Challenge 1

Parntership Challenge 2

At our Team Night, we shared some wins (while enjoying the Hot Chocolate bar) and it was awesome to hear how God is working in and through you. We got our team box (we have more at church if you need one) and went over these goals above. 

1) Let's keep seeking God and asking Him to do bigger things.

2) Team Box: Last time the box was packed with a shirt, prayer band, BLESS Book and more. Those were all resources for you as we began partnership. This time the box was....empty. This time the box is the resource. We're asking you to fill the box as a way to spread kindness. Maybe with cookies, some spa/care items, a movie night pack, or whatever would be encouraging to whomever you give it too. Make sure to include a note and encourage them to fill it again and pass it on.

3) Think back to the BLESS series. We don't want that book & series to be just an October thing where we liked the ideas. Let's intentionally put them into practice. What is a BLESS routine or habit you can include in your day/week/month?

4) Let's help someone else take a step by asking them to do #3 with you. 

We will be following up with you over the next months with more resources, encouragement and ideas. Let's take the challenge and be focused on God's mission.