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We met this past Sunday Night for our Winter Session Team Night. We did a little review of the fall. Partnership is all about owning and living out the mission together. We encourage and challenge each other to take steps in the Growth Pathway to experience God working in and through us in greater ways. This year we are focusing on two aspects: Invest, Invite & Bring a Friend plus Praying Consistently to have a Closer Connection with God.

This past fall we had three challenges:
1) Pray: God Make Me Bold
2) Bring someone to the Christmas Gatherings
3) Develop a Consistent time of Prayer

We took a little time to recap the challenges & Paul also gave us a follow up on our finances. We met in October and asked you to lead the way in our [BE]Cause Campaign. We had over $26,000 going to our global partners for the Hope Christmas Element. We have almost $80,000 pledged over the next year to help firm up of finances as a church. About 90 people/families made commitments and 18 of them were new givers. This puts us in a much better situation but we are still a little short of the monthly need so continue to pray about this as we communicate over the next year. Thank you for everyone who played a part in this campaign and who gave to the mission.

This Winter Session we have two new challenges for our year focus. Since Christmas was effected by the blizzard, we have two more great options to invite. In March we are doing a series called He Gets Us. We are teaming with a national campaign (which you we see ads on tv, YouTube and even on the Super Bowl) and we praying for this opportunity for us to reach the lakeshore. Easter is coming on April 9. The challenge is to bring someone in March or Easter. Keep praying for boldness and inviting.

The second challenge is journaling our prayers. We just finished 21 Days of Prayer. We are asking you to take an additional 21 days to journal your prayers. We have a guide and some options. This is a great way to continue to build a closer connection with God.

If you missed the meeting, make sure you get a Team Bag Next time you are at church.