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Peace for Families

Combined Logos, April 2021



This Spring in Journey Kids is all about peace and friendship; specifically how God has given us examples of peace all throughout the Bible and how Jesus wants a relationship with each of us. As you take steps to build a faith foundation in your home, working toward peace and friendship in relationships is a high priority. Whether the relationship involves parents, siblings, cousins or classmates, living in peace and building relationships based on friendship is worth the hard work to cultivate. 

And yes, it does take hard work. Siblings aren’t always natural friends. Healthy friendships with classmates and respect toward teachers takes practice over time. Extra family time can easily lead to extra family conflict. There is no denying that keeping peace in your home takes intentionality. 

So, what can you do to lead toward peace and friendship in your family? Check out the included resources and pray for God’s wisdom as you invest the time and energy to build strong, healthy relationships. 

  • Acknowledging and rewarding correct behaviors always helps our kids understand and work toward appropriate expectations. Use this REWARD CHART to show your child you see when they’ve gotten it right to make peace and value relationships in their life. Offer an immediate reward (sticker, quarter or candy), as well as a bigger reward as progress is made over time (movie night, go to a special playground, ice cream date). 
  • Check out the RULES OF THUMB list for ideas and choose one thing to try this week. After you feel confident with one, add another! Take time to reflect on what already works well for your family and add your own ideas to this list. Share your “Family Rules of Thumb” with your child. 
  • Use the FEELINGS WHEEL to work toward building an emotional vocabulary in your home. Naming our emotions gives us more power toward developing self-control in how we respond to others. Turn the learning into a game like “Charades” where family members act out different emotions while others take turns guessing! 

Cheering you on in this parenting journey! 

Contact us if we can support your family with prayer.