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What drives you? What guides, leads, directs your life?

You can follow your heart but sometimes our hearts lies to us. Our hearts can be movitivated by our past. Our hearts can be influenced by fear, guilt, resentment, problems or pressure. Our hearts might just be responding to a situation or your heart might let a circumstance control you out of a emotional response.

Our feeling & our heart isn't an accurate guide because sometimes our hearts & feeling lie about who we are.YOU ARE NOT AN ACCIDENT. You are more that your past mistakes. Just because you've failed don't mean you're a failure. Even though someone said it, you aren't worthless.There's more to you & more for your life ahead than how you feel about yourself deep inside. 

We've been looking at a verse in Ephesians 1 that says that in Christ we find who we are what we are living for....It's in Jesus that we find What on Earth I'm Here For. Jesus loves YOU. He values you with His life. He wants to be part of of His family. He wants to renew your life with purpose.