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As your family takes steps in building a foundation of faith with your kids, we think the following resources will be helpful in sharing about Jesus and how to live our lives following Him. 



Toddler-Kindergarten kids are learning 4 stories about Jesus this month in their JKids class and online experience. Our big idea is to show kids that Jesus teaches me important things. Jesus was a teacher and used stories over and over again to share truth and wisdom with others. As you share about Jesus with your child this month, lean into the fun and powerful format of stories! 

A few story options: 

  • Read to your child using a kid-friendly Bible. Younger kids enjoy The Beginner's Bible. Those who are school-age can't resist listening to The Jesus Storybook Bible. We keep each of these in stock at The Journey and sell them for $8-10 each. 
  • In your regular reading routine, include options of storybooks that share Bible passages and/or faith and character building connections. Purchase books, take a trip to the library, or ask friends for hand-me-downs! As you read, share with your child simple phrases like: "Being kind is good for everyone. Our family chooses to show kindness because God has been kind to us.", or "Being honest helps us build trust with others. Our family is honest because telling the truth honors God.", or "We show generosity (or share) as a way to share God's love with others."
  • Telling stories from memory can feel intimidating at first but is a powerful tool in connecting with our kids. Be realistic and don't expect yourself to be an epic storyteller right away, but do try it out and see what happens when you share a story about Jesus with your child from memory. I bet they will be hanging on your every word! 

However you choose to share the stories of Jesus, our prayer is for your family to experience God and his love in amazing ways! Contact us if we can offer additional support. 




Kids in 1st-5th grade are getting practice in one of the most beneficial lifeskills: SELF-CONTROL. Oooo! That's a good one for all of us, right? Developing self-control early on will set your child up for a healthier future in so many areas.

In terms of building a foundation of faith, in our JKids class and online experiences we are approaching self-control through the filter of how God's Spirit gives us power beyond our own natural strength. When we ask God for help, His Spirit will guide us in making the wise choice as we focus on each weekly big idea: 

  • When you lose control, it can cause problems. 
  • Don't be controlled by your anger. 
  • Think before you speak. 
  • Know when to stop. 

As you work to highlight self-control in your home this month, use these Reward Coupons to show your child you see them working hard to get it right. Not interested in printing something out? No problem. Work with your child to choose an area to focus on and then use paper and pencil to create a simple progress chart. Give them a star or smiley face everytime you notice them getting it right and reward their efforts after 5-10 stars.

One more helpful tool that connects with self-control about choosing our words wisely is the acronym T.H.I.N.K . Slow down for a few minutes and color this small poster together, choose a place to hang it up in your home and discuss what it means to think before we speak and then pray, asking God to guide the words of your family through His Spirit.  

If we can assist your family in taking these steps or connect through conversation and prayer, please contact us today.