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The Revealed key to a blessed life & the Astounding Promise Jesus made

During my last message we had Journeyers do something a little morbid:  imagine your own funeral.  Not a pleasant thought.  I wanted people to think about what others would say about them once they were gone.  What would people say about you?

We aren't usually thinking about that when we're just going through life.  We're too busy chasing the American dream, pursuing fun opportunities, looking to relax.  But what will really matter?  Where is a life of significance and impact really found?  What's the tragedy:  someone who lives for others but doesn't own a lot or travel much OR someone who lives for themselves, accumulates a lot and has a good time doing it.  Whose life will have more impact?

Jesus understood this & so in John 13 of the Bible he decided to REVEAL A SECRET TO A BLESSED LIFE.   Not only does he reveal this secret to his disciples (and us, through the Bible), but then he makes an ASTOUNDING promise that goes with it.

To remind me of that secret, I have had a picture on my desk for a long time.  


In John 13:12-17 Jesus washes his disciples feet and tellS them that they need to follow His example to serve others, put others first, to live selflessly not selfishly.

And then He says this "now that you know these things, you WILL be BLESSED if you do them".  

Whenever I see Jesus say things like "you WILL" I take notice.  It's a promise & what I have learned about God, and what the Bible says about Him is that He is a promise making and promise keeping God & if we have seen "the Son, we have seen the Father" - in other words the character of Jesus, the Son is the same as God, the Father.  

When Jesus makes a promise you can take it to the bank. 

Do you want to experience a blessed life?  Then serve others.  Put others first.  

The world around us will scream a dozen different messages about how to have a blessed life, but there is one that has stood the test of time, has been proven through experience, and has been promised by God himself.  Don't miss it.

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