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Top 3 for May 22, 2014

Sundays in May, we are "flip-flopping" series between our two sites: "FREE WAY" is at the Pontaluna Exit Site and "Chase the Light" is at the M-120 Site.
Check out the Journey website Current Series Page for all of the details on each series.

Journey Kids volunteers make a consistent investment in your kids 10 months out of the year. We think they deserve some time off during the summer. Take a step to look beyond yourself and sign-up to serve in Journey Kids on just one Sunday in July or August. It will be a chance for you to have a ton of fun and an opportunity for our volunteers to come back refreshed and recharged this Fall. Choose your date and sign-up at the Kids Check-in desk this Sunday!

If you're going to be on vacation this summer, here's a few ways to stay connected:
-Watch live online or catch up after the weekend on the series page.
-You can give online or set up an auto-give. Details are on the Donate page or download an auto-give form. Your faithful giving during the summer months allows The Journey to continue impact all year round.
-Make sure you join the Journey Facebook page.
-The Feed: Keep up with all of the latest blog posts, events, and details.

Shanna Retzlaff