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What are my kids learning in October?

Preschool & Kindergarten kids are focusing on how "God helps me do big things"! Last week we learned about when David was chosen to be the king of Israel...even though he was the youngest and least likely of his many brothers. Next week we're sharing how God helped David defeat a giant. We have four amazing Bible stories to share this month. You can take a sneak peek on the Parent Take-Home Sheet


Kids in 1st-5th Grade are spending the whole month showing creativity. We had a blast last week with a few art projects, but we're also expanding our view of creativity to more than just artistic expressions. ALL of us are creative because God created us. Take a look at the Bottom Line for each week on the Parent Take-Home Sheet and try out a few of the conversation starters to see what your child already thinks about God's gift of creativity. 

 Week 1 BL

Remember to grab a memory verse magnet off the door to your child's classroom this Sunday. Put it up in a place where everyone will see it often. Practice it together and look for connections in your everyday life to share with each other. 

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Julie Weber