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When Summer Gets Here...

Yes, summer will eventually arrive.  And when it does, be ready.  What I mean is that we have unique opportunties with our summer months.  Not just to go to the lake, biking, playing with the kids outside, and grilling.  But as we do all that outside stuff, take the opportunity to do what we call at The Journey, Invest and Invite.  As we are going along in our activities, invite others into your life.  Ask them to join you.  And when together, look to invest in their life.  Don't just do stuff. But do stuff with a purpose and look beyond yourself.  Invest in people around you.  Invite them into your life...and even to explore a relationship with God.  Ask what they think about that.  Share about your experiences with The Journey.  Invite them to church with you.  Take the opportunities we have every day and make them count.  We are all called to live on mission and bring God's hope into the lives of others.  And...happy grilling!

Mark Rhodes