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This month we had our annual celebration. Above you will see some highlights from the past year. Our focus was on being part of something bigger than yourself. We added some key opportunities in this past year like Partnership, a new global partner in Converge Carribean, and Serve Week to do something bigger. We saw God continue to do great things in the lives of people at our church and through our church in this past year. A big thanks to everyone who serves, gives, invites and lives out the mission! 

If you want to be more active in our mission and part of the team, consider joining a network or volunteer team or joining in our partnership. Partnership is about owning and living out the mission together. We have a new year of partnership kicking off later in this summer and we will have some fun and missional challenges each quarter. You can join in here.

Below you will see a financial update as we wrap up the fiscal year. Our donate page has more ways to give and financial insights.