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BLE$$ED LIFE: Live with Financial Focus

November 24, 2013 Speaker: Matt Lewis Series: BLE$$ED LIFE

Topic: Money Passage: Psalm 103:1–103:2

In the game of real life, wouldn't it be great to win the lottery or land on the space with the big inheritance? Does it seem like you land on all the pay spaces but pay days are too far apart? Does it feel like your finances are spinning out of control? Instead of going down the freeway of fear and frustration, what if we can find freedom? What does it look like to live a blessed life?

In this series, we will be looking at some practical advice that will help you handle the real game of life. We'll discover ways to deal with debt, save money & build a financial vision. And get this: God has a plan for you & your finances so you can end up with a blessed life.

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