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This past Sunday, we talked about 10 steps to take in the next 10 years towards your best life. We looked at the life of Benaiah in 2 Samuel 23. There were some key markers in his life that helped him take steps to be the head of David's bodyguards. Over the next 10 years, we will have moments & opportunities that could be key markers for us to take next steps towards our best life. Will we make the move even if it seems risky, face fears, chase our dreams, take steps? Or will be run away, miss the moments, be busy or lazy and end up with regrets?

If we want to experience our best life, it's found in relationships, not religion. We need to keep taking steps. Below are some options. Pick one and let the journey begin. There are also links to resources.

1) Invest & Invite
2) Commit to be consistent at church. It can help you keep your focus.
3) Spend time personally with God.
4) Give to make a difference. Consider the money back guarenteed Tithing Challenge.
5) Be Baptized
6) Invest in your family's relationship with God
7) Build Relationships with people at The Journey to help each other through life.
8) Make a Difference. Own & Live out the Mission
9) It's all about who you're becoming. Take steps in the core essentials.
10) Pray Regularly. (10:10 prayer guide).