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Throughout this series "10", we've been sharing 10 things each week.
Week one for 10 things to celebrate from the past 10 years. (see more here).

Here's the lists from the last two weeks top 10:

10 Things that Define The Journey
1. Relationships, not Religion
2. No Perfect People Allowed & A church of Second Chances
3. Dumb Videos + Relevant Messages for your Best Life
4. It's about who you are becoming not just doing some religious things
5. Jesus is the Center
6. Invest & Invite to reach people disconnected from Jesus
7. Live Generously
8. Look Beyond Ourselves to imact others
9. Do Life Together to help each other along the journey
10. Own & Live Out God's mission

(you can find out more about 5-10 in our Core Essential section)

10 Dreams For the Next 10 Years
1. 300 People Baptized & in a relationship with Jesus
2. A Buidling with a Purpose
3. 3 More Networks
4. 2 More Sites & the 31 Initiative
5. Give Away 15% of general budget
6. Kenya Impact spreads to the community
7. Kids/Teens - Next Generation of Leaders
8. See More People Go From No Connection with God to Help Others Connect
9. Resources to Match the Vision
10. More People who Own & Live Out the Mission

Let's join together and pray for God to do more than we imagine in the next 10 years.