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This past week I was talking with some families and kids about going back to school.  The kids were sharing how excited they were about their new backpack and some cool supplies they got when they went shopping.  I was excited for them, but I also remembered that there are hundreds of kids in our community who are not excited and won't be going shopping for supplies.  Their difficult home situation or lack of finances keeps them from getting supplies they need for school.  We have an opportunity to help them!  On Sundays August 18, 25, & Sept. 1 our Journey Network Teams will be doing a School Supply and Backpack Collection!  Let's all do our part to make this another great year for these kids that need help.  Bring in crayons, backpacks, paper, glue, scissors, pencils, and more!  Together lets spread kindness to hundreds of kids in multiple school communities by bringing in lots of school supplies!  Thanks for being part of the team!