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At The Journey we focus our vision around 3 key relationships:
1) We find our best life in a relationship with Jesus.
2) We want to have some connections with people who are also connected with Jesus so we can do life together. It's a little of "I help you. You help me." It's the idea of encouraging each other as we take next steps in relationships, not religion.
3) We want to help others find their best life in a relationship with Jesus. So we want to invest in some relationships with a few people who are disconnection from God.

Are you actively taking steps in those 3 Key Relationship? 

The last relationship plays out in our Core Essential of Invest & Invite. Our Core Essentials are all about who we are becoming & isn't this one about others? Yes, but it will change you too. Have you ever had a friend come to church with you for the first time? If so you know that you end up seeing the whole experience from a whole new perspective. It helps you gain less of a "me" focus. You begin to see it from through their eyes. As you invest & invite, it's also all about God working in & through you. There is nothing greater than helping someone find their hope & a new life in a relationship with Jesus. It not only changes them, it changes you because of the priveldge to be part of the process of God working in & through you.

This month we have great opportunites to invite somone to join you. Check out the Invite Page to send an e-vite, there are things to share on Facebook, or pick up the phone and invite someone to join you. For more insight, check out the Core Essential sheet.