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Journey Kids Summer Bucket List

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A slower pace for the summer of 2020 means more time with your family. To help you be intentional about sharing God's story with your child, we've created a Journey Kids Summer Bucket List.


Some items on the list highlight faith in your home and others are simply for fun. Keep it simple and remmeber many of our daily family activities carry huge opportunity and meaning. All you need to do is slow down enough to be intentional about sharing God's love in those every day moments.


After you've complete 10 items, contact Julie (Quarterline) or Selena (Northside) and they will arrange delivery of a fun PRIZE right to your door! 


This season with your child only happens once. Don't miss it! God has gifted you in ways that might not seem special to you, but are just right for connecting with your child and sharing God's story in the every day moments at home.


Cheering you on towards many meaningful family moments this summer!