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This past week was LOVE WEEK as part of our Love Can Christmas Project. It was designed to look beyond yourself and activate God's love in and through our lives.

The whole idea was that there are small things we can do in the regular routine of life to help our keep our focus and live a life of love. I don't know about you but my routine was kind of crazy this week. So how did love week go for you? Here's how it went for me:

Tuesday was Love your family day. I put a note in my daughters lunch. I notice it came home that night unopened. She read it on Wednesday.
Wednesday was Love Your Neighbors day. We had some Christmas goodies to deliver to our neighbors. They are still on the counter since they didn't get put together until today. So tonight we will deliver those gifts. Two days late isn't that bad.
Thursday was Love Our Community. It was a day to do some Love Can randon acts of kindness. I came accross some opportunities on Wednesday so I did it then. 
Friday was Love Your One Friend. I had the chance to talk with some people on Thursday so that happened on that day instead of Friday.

As you can see, my week and the routine wasn't so routine. But that's okay. Remember that the idea is to look beyond yourself and activate God's love in your life. We hope you experience God's love this past week for Love Week. Even more so, I hope it happens on a regular basis as we try to be a church & a collection of individuals who look beyond themselves.

If you didn't get a chance to do Love Week, give yourself a redo. Do it next week. Do it all this weekend. Do it every day. Here's the list if you want a redo:

Love Week


Share your comments: How did LOVE WEEK go for you?


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