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That's a cute story . . . or is it?

In our series "The Shadow" we're talking about how the shadow of Jesus is cast all throughout human history & even into our world today. To see the shadow we're looking back at some of the biggest stories of the Old Testament of the Bible. But are they more than just stories? Are they more than cute (or not so cute) fairy tales?

Lets face it, there are some things in the Bible that seem like they fit next to Babe and the Big Blue Ox or Goldilocks more than they do next to George Washington or Ceasar Augustus.  Maybe you've always viewed the Bible as a book of stories - maybe some that were true, maybe some that weren't.  Maybe you've see the Bible as simply a book of moral lessons (in ancient language that doesn't make much sense!).  But what if there's more to it?  And what if the historical lessons from the Bible point to a person and to a coming reality?

If the Bible COULD BE TRUE, you OWE IT TO YOURSELF to investigate and come to some conclusions.

So, is the Bible a reliable document?  What do I make of it?  Should I take it seriously?  

Here's a couple resources to help you in your pursuit of truth:

Here's a message we did about 5 years ago on this topic: Is the Bible just a Story Book? 

Here's an article about whether or not you can trust the Bible.

You might want to also check out this short video on the historicity of the Bible.

OR this one that's a little longer, but really good about the reliability of the Bible.