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I was at my bank today making a deposit. Then she offered a credit card with low interest. I declined and she made the pitch about low interest & transferring debt. I let he know we like earning Disney points with our credit card and we never carry a balance on it. She said....wow you're one of the few.

When did debt become normal? I would much rather be abnormal in this case. I can tell you that the freedom and flexibility that comes with no debt is amazing. There is no reason why that can't be you. I trully believe it comes from a mindset & lifestyle of living generously, but sometimes we need some steps to get out of bad habits and debt. Here's a few ideas for you.

Also, we are kicking off our winter session of Journey Night Classes and we are offering Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. Anyone can join and there might even be some scholarships available. Be weird in 2014 and get out of debt.